Thursday, February 25, 2016

Recommended Web Form Design Books (2016)

Form Design is one of those things that will always be important as long as we take in user data on our websites, in our applications, at our kiosks, etc. But, where can we go to learn how to do this better?

I believe that we can ask the UX industry through the web to give us the answer. Recently I conducted a quick research effort where I asked the internet... 

"Which books are the best books to read on Form Design?"

I essentially searched for terms like "Best Book Form Design" and "Book layout Form Design". Out of the 70+ different websites I visited, I found that the following book recommendations on the topic of Form Design bubbled to the top of my list by honorable mentions.

The lesson learned from this exercise? If I want to beef up my knowledge on web form design, I'll likely start with reading Luke Wroblewski's Web Form Design: Filling in the Blanks. After that, I'll read Caroline Jarrett and Gerry Gaffney's Forms that Work: Designing Web Forms for Usability. I have to admit that there are some others on the list that I wouldn't mind checking out also.

Here's the link to my Google Sheet where I kept track of the 70+ different websites:

Recommended Form Design Books List (2016)

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