Monday, May 18, 2015

Pictures from our Survey Kiosk

Hey all,

I always appreciate being able to find examples of how to do different things. Recently, I have been engaged in some research for my church as part of a greater website redesign project. Here are some pictures from our Survey Kiosk.

Picture of our survey kiosk near the main entrance of our church
Here's a picture of our "Getting to know our
users..." Survey Kiosk. Two laptops, power,
mice and pads. Additionally, to entice folks
to fill it out, chocolate Hershey's Kisses.
Mmmmmm. This event successfully captured
about 50 survey entries.

Picture of the Survey Kiosk set up near the south entrance of the church.
Here's a picture of the same setup as above,
but near the south entrance of the church. We
moved it here because there was a "New Comer's
Lunch" intended to welcome new folks. We were
looking to capture information from "Non-
regular" church attendees.

Hope this is helpful for you in your research preparations. Good luck, and remember to let the numbers speak for themselves!!!

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