Friday, November 14, 2014

Handy iBlocs for iRise Studio

One rapid prototyping tool we use at the company I work for is iRise Studio. I'm going to spare you the lecture of when the right time to use a prototyping tool such as iRise Studio is. Instead, I'm only sharing out some of the re-usable iBlocs that I've created to enhance the prototyping experience in that tool.

If you are trying to use the ibloc and need some assistance, just let me know. 

Export To CSV

Download from Google Drive On occasion, you may want to export a data table to a CSV file. Ok, so I haven't actually run across this occasion yet, but I'm sure one of you have. Anyway, this iBloc should allow you to do that.




Download from Google Drive Let's say you have a data table on your screen that needs to be a bit mixed up. Sure, you can do it manually... BORING!!! Let's use an ibloc! This ibloc allows you to assign a table that will be in a random order when rendered in a browser.



Text Input Hint

Download from Google Drive
This ibloc allows the UXer the ability to mock up a field that has hint text prior to the user clicking it, then upon clicking the hint text goes away and the color changes to some other color (most of the time its going to go from light grey hint text to black text). This is handy for mocking up search fields, but can be used for any form fields really.

This one is quite useful. If you don't download any of the others on this screen, I hope you at least give this one a chance.



That's enough to get you going for now. Hope you enjoy. Maybe I'll add more as time goes on and the need arises. Good luck!

I definitely recommend checking out iRise when you have a moment. They are legit!

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