Thursday, July 17, 2014

Visual Priority Strategy is key to every successful website

This article discusses the importance of strategic visual prioritization.

One of the biggest problems seen in evaluating different sites is that many pages lack obvious strategic visual prioritization. In other words, we find that there are many pages that do not allude, support, or relate to their owner's goals. It is true that  there may be a bit of sales tied into getting a user to click the link to "Locate a Dealer" or "Pay Now". For example, it might be of benefit to get users to compare different products so that they can see the value in one over the other, thereby educating them and ultimately persuading them to finally click the "Pay Now".

It's highly important to understand that there is always going to be a visual prioritization attached to any interface or product design, whether it is intentional or not.

Visual prioritization goes above and beyond simply making the link to the "Locate a Dealer" function larger. It involves understanding each page of the website and how it is working to drive the main goal forward. If there are elements on the different pages that are unrelated, or distracting, then those items should be visually depreciated in priority.

One helpful tool might be to list all the features for each page and then assign a priority to each. Using visual treatments (font types, styles, page position, colors, image sizes, etc...), a designer can effectively draw the user to the area that they want them to look.

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