Monday, June 23, 2014

Dead links, dieing or uncaring site

Recently I've been conducting some research. Specifically, I've been searching out and creating a "trend" list of those sites most mentioned as good ux web resources. I've found several websites that come up within the first 50 results of a standard Google search of terms relating. What I've found is that there seems to be a pattern of practice that I'd hope to encourage you to avoid. Please, oh please stop promoting your site to the top 50 of Google searches only to present users with pages containing dead links. Ugh.... so irritating.

When building a web page, we've all heard that "Content is King". I'd like to submit to you the idea that to a website, "Content is Passage". By "Passage", what I mean is this...

The purpose of the website is to have a digital space to which one can communicate an idea, present a product, provide a connection, and to touch the heart and mind. It's a structure in which you build a direct highway from your mind, to the mind of the person reviewing. It's a path that an idea can cross. A channel that your feelings can swim through. It's a medium that an artist can paint.

So then, if you are going to do a job, do you not want to do it right? Would you color only half of a picture out of a coloring book? Would you  sculpt only half of a statue? Would you write half a sentence, stick the paper in a bottle, and then chuck it off into the ocean and hope that your message is clear?


So then, remember that there is no glory found in the job that is half done. No honor in the half hearted effort. No favor for the hand that merely slouches.

Check. Recheck. Validate. Have your neighbor check your lawn for weeds. It is wise to have your work verified by a friend, your wife, or your husband.

Your site is a service you offer. If that is true, then you are a servant to a master who the service is offered to. Respect your master by doing your best. Only when you have done your best will you receive your reward.

Please kill dead links.
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