Friday, May 9, 2014

User Experience Getting Started Reading List

As I was reading a book one day, I realized that I'm not even certain the book was of any value in helping me get up-to-speed as a beginning UX Practitioner. I decided to put together a User Experience Reading List to make sure that the next book I pick up puts me in the "Popular Learning Zone" of the UX Design Profession (roughly). 

visual metaphor showing a circle with an x, then an inner circle showing the popular learning zone.To come up with the list, I Google'd the term "User Experience Reading List". I compiled all the reading lists from 40 different websites. The list has 200 book suggestions. I've also kept track of how many times each book was "suggested" as an early learning (or foundation) book for this line of work. 

The book list has 2 sheets: 1) The list that is ranked from "top suggested" down to "least suggested", and 2) The source websites.

I hope that this book list helps you get going. I'd love to hear any feedback you may have.

User Experience Getting Started Reading List - 2013

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